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Virtual Interior Design: Our Online Residential Service

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Interior design is our passion, and our goal is to help you design your dream home with your available budget. That's one of the reasons why we offer a virtual interior design service, which allows you to get a customized residential interior design without the added cost of paying for execution.

What is virtual interior design? It's an online service for residential clients where we guide you through the process of designing a space in your home and create a customized, holistic design and interior plan that you can execute at your convenience.

Our residential virtual interior design service is perfect for small projects and for clients who have the time and ability to be hands-on in purchasing products and implementing the final design themselves.

Residential Virtual Interior Design is for you if:

  • You want to do it yourself, but want to consult an expert.

  • You want to do it yourself, but need someone to create a plan for you.

  • You want a holistic plan for your home, but want to implement it in phases at your own pace.

  • You want a home tailored to your lifestyle with some finishing touches and are willing to do some of the work yourself to avoid the cost of a full-service design.

The Process: What can you expect from our virtual interior design service?

Phase 1: Introductory meeting

What's involved:

A 30-minute meeting to discuss your needs and goals, as well as the service options that best fit your budget and scope.

Phase 2: Work description

A work description includes the following:

  • Service options.

  • Pricing (with a sample budget).

  • Timeline for design.

The work description will be tailored specifically to an individual project and your needs.

Phase 3: Discovery: data collection, research, aesthetic exploration, and ideation

To get started, we need your input as a client.

We virtually send you a list of the information we need to understand your style and create design concepts, such as:

  • Dimensions of your home.

  • Photos of the room we're designing.

  • Dimensions of furniture or artwork that we'd like to include in the design.

We'll provide templates to show you how best to gather the information and send it to us. Additional meetings may be required for ideation and exploration, these will be defined in your custom design package.

Phase 4: Design development, planning, and revision

In this phase, we’ll meet over Zoom to review your design, we’ll present color palettes, floorplans, furniture selections, and budgets based on your custom design package. We’ll collect your feedback and make revisions accordingly. Our standard package includes 2 rounds of revisions, however, if additional revisions are needed we can discuss how best to achieve that so you have everything you need to create your dream space.

Phase 5: Installation guide

Once the final design is reached, we'll send you a customized installation and design guide to help you achieve the vision we've created.

You're just getting started!

Our virtual interior design service not only puts you in control of your work pace but also equips you with tools to continue styling your house after working with Rose Design.


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