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Unusual Ventures San Francisco: Bringing a Design Vision to Life

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a commercial interior design project a compelling and immersive experience? At Rose Design, we approach every challenge with a curious attitude and a commitment to collaboration, striving to create spaces that authentically reflect our clients' brands and cultures.

Commercial Interior Design

Designing for Unusual Ventures

In the dynamic world of venture capital, Unusual Ventures stands out as a prestigious seed-stage firm focused exclusively on nurturing founders in infrastructure software and application-level companies.

As part of our collaboration with the Unusual Ventures team, we not only gained a deep understanding of their unique positioning, but also discovered invaluable insight into their practices, rituals, and aspirations. In addition, we were inspired by the guidance of Unusual Ventures' partners and the brand's own visual language, which effectively renders mountaineering and trekking metaphors.

Nature-Inspired Design

In an effort to deepen the brand's connection with nature, we deliberately chose natural wood as the main material, which symbolizes an authentic and organic connection with the earth. By incorporating textures, our design seeks to reflect the core values of Unusual Ventures while aiming to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The end result is a carefully crafted design that strives to embody the company's distinctive identity.

Prominent features include the iconic two-story bookshelf, a tangible embodiment of their commitment to knowledge sharing. Crafted by local artisan Mike Bermosk, this central design feature consists of vertical solid walnut boards, each an impressive 14'+ in length. It is noteworthy that all the boards come from the same tree, giving the structure a profound unity. This symbolic centerpiece is a testament to Bermosk's craftsmanship and Unusual Ventures values.

Commercial Interior Design

The second floor of the workspace is adorned with lush greenery, giving the environment a refreshing and natural ambiance. Skylights strategically illuminate the space, promoting healthy plant growth and creating an impressive atmosphere. Additionally, the custom walnut conference table with living edges, reminiscent of a colossal tree, brings a sense of awe and humility to the room, further enhancing its overall appeal.

Commercial Interior Design

Functionality and productivity

Our interior design philosophy goes beyond mere aesthetics and plays a critical role in improving functionality and productivity. As part of this approach, small private offices have been set up for important meetings via video conferencing, providing a quiet space for focused work. Through thoughtful space management and careful selection of elements, these areas create an environment that promotes effective thinking and undisturbed work.

The large meeting rooms have been created to facilitate efficient work and seamless group sessions. With comfortable chairs and a strategic layout, these rooms allow for productive collaboration and remote participation while maintaining a warm and informal atmosphere.

In addition, an inviting lounge area serves as a reception area for guests to feel comfortable without compromising their privacy.

Commercial Interior Design

The intentional interplay of design elements and careful spatial organization work together to enhance functionality, increase productivity, and create an environment in line with Unusual Ventures' values.


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