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Uncork Capital | The Design is in The Details

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Uncork Capital, a VC firm in San Francisco, came to Rose Design for their commercial space redesign in 2020.

Uncork was going through a rebrand at the time, and decided it was natural to give their office space a facelift after having been in their current office for more than 6 years, with limited interior updates.

Uncork Capital is a seed-stage venture firm that carefully selects promising accounts, early in their business ventures. Uncork wanted their thoughtful and selective style of funding to be represented in their new brand through clean and minimal design punctuated with beautiful detail.


Uncork Capital’s office comes with a ton of inherited character. They occupy an industrial space filled with old, exposed brick and steel beams.

To carry out Uncork’s vision of minimal design, we kept the rooms themselves sparse and used the bones of the space as a frame to accentuate the awards Uncork has earned over the years and to showcase the company’s collection of artwork.

(Photo/Christopher Stark)


Because Uncork’s space provided a naturally beautiful background, we placed a special emphasis on the details inside Uncork’s office to bring the facelift to life, but also make it functional for the staff’s day-to-day lives.

For example, the whiteboard inside their conference room is a custom color.

(Photo/Christopher Stark)

The soft blue is pleasing to the eye, and is a functional piece that’s more fun AND easier to clean than a traditional whiteboard!


Another detail we focused on were the walls within Uncork’s space that weren’t brick. To bring texture to these otherwse plain walls, we used the ancient technique of Venetian plaster.

(Photo/Christopher Stark)

Traditionally, Venetian plaster’s putty is made from limestone or marble and can only be applied with practiced, consistent motions to achieve the different textures. And, even with the advancements in new materials there really isn’t a replacement for this effect. It requires an experienced artisan to achieve the look, but when it’s all said and done, it looks amazing and is one of our favorite components of this redesign.


The final project was a win-win for everyone. We were thrilled to work with a client who was open to playing with texture, like the Venetian plaster, and the client was excited about how the entire vision was pulled together:

“Rose Design was extremely professional, time [and] cost-effective, and just an overall joy to work with. We could not be happier with our office remodel! Carly and her team designed and implemented the remodel above and beyond our expectations! I highly recommend this team for any interior design and overall remodel projects. We will definitely work with them again for our future projects!” -- Samantha Gelt, Operations & Communications Manager, Uncork Capital

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