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The Madrigal: Designing a Modern Cocktail Bar in the Heart of San Francisco

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

At Rose Design, we believe that every space has the potential to become functional, flawless, and forward-thinking. So when we were tasked with redesigning The Madrigal, a cocktail bar located in the heart of San Francisco's cultural hub, just blocks away from its vibrant downtown, we eagerly accepted the challenge of creating a space that would be indistinguishable from its previous design.

The space we found had hard surfaces and angular lines that felt cold and uninviting. This didn't align with the relaxed atmosphere our client desired. But this wasn't our first rodeo. Our experienced team of designers was up to the task. We worked diligently to create a design that softened the harsh lines in order to evoke the fresh dining experience The Madrigal was shooting for.

Although not explicitly depicted, we used an abstract interpretation to convey the essence of the city in our design approach. We also considered The Madrigal's clientele, which includes opera, ballet, and symphony patrons, as well as professionals and tenants of 100 Van Ness.

From custom paneling to carefully selected finishes, we left no stone unturned to breathe the city's distinct aesthetic into the space. Even within the confines of the existing structure, we found innovative ways to channel San Francisco's classic style and elegance.

Drawing inspiration from the 14-foot tree, which consists of 20 different plants and is situated near the bar area, we chose to incorporate shades of green and teal as our primary color scheme. We complemented it with additional plant life throughout the space to cultivate a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

When the COVID pandemic struck, we knew it would pose unique challenges to our project. Supply chains were disrupted, and many of the design elements we wanted to use were suddenly unavailable, overpriced, or had unsustainable lead times. Despite these hurdles, we refused to compromise on our vision. Working as a team, we remained agile, constantly making adjustments, and substitutions to ensure that the project stayed true to our original priorities.

We curated furniture and artwork to accomplish our vision. But we didn't stop there. We wanted to achieve the space's fun, eclectic, and creative feel, so we pulled out all the stops to elevate it to the next level. One example of this is the terrazzo flooring we installed, an unexpected design element that adds to The Madrigal's unique atmosphere. We also created custom booths, and a striking walnut bar, as well as commissioned original artwork by renowned artists Esteban Schimpf and Ray Beldner.

Despite facing significant challenges along the way, we were determined to create a one-of-a-kind space that truly reflected our vision, and our commitment to design excellence shined through in the end result. But the ultimate measure of our success was the enthusiastic feedback we received from our clients.

"Carly was the right partner for Hi Neighbor's new restaurant concept. She took a bare-bones prompt and gave us a new guest experience. Her design approach was strategic, balancing the guest experience, the needs of a busy restaurant, and the financial realities of business operations. Carly has a unique perspective. She understands the Bay Area Diner. 10/10 would work with Rose Design again." - Ryan Cole, Partner Hi Neighbor Group, The Madrigal

We offer a unique and innovative approach to design that leads to successful business results, making us the ideal choice for clients looking for creative and forward-thinking solutions. Let's collaborate to craft an exceptional outcome that exceeds your expectations.


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