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Home Interior Design Styles for 2023

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Just as fashion is cyclical, the world of interior design follows fads. The biggest difference is that, unlike closets, homes cannot be renewed so quickly, so we have to consider our connection with the styles and their durability.

Even though life has resumed in some form after the pandemic, we'll always be discussing its impact on our homes and lifestyles, and 2023 will be no different. The desire to cocoon ourselves in our homes is the driving force behind most of 2023's biggest interior trends.

Whether it's holding onto history, soaking in color, or introducing soft materials to sink into for a literal cocooning effect, in 2023, we are having a little fun with design.

Conscious Curation

We are looking for new ways to honor vintage and inherited pieces in our homes. Coziness is an important factor here—support, familiarity, a feel-good aspect that brings a smile when you see it or touch it.

This trend will encourage us to think slower and more sustainably when renewing our homes. It debunks the belief that big purchases are the key to success in making a room feel fresh. It wants to encourage more people to give something existing a second life.

Think about innovative furniture repurposing or buying vintage. And if you are going to buy a special piece, buy one that will last a lifetime.

Design by Frances Merrill; Photo by Laure Joliet

Modern Maximalism

The maximalist "grandmotherly" style of years past will not disappear, but we'll also see more layers of streamlined, sculptural silhouettes rather than just prints and patterns.

As we move away from strict minimalism and take a more expressive approach to interiors, we'll be talking more about spaces built around valuable artwork and collectibles.

Whether you group them by similar color or material, it's all about complementing shapes with different heights to create compositions that feel loose and evoke a sign of life.

Dopamine Decor

Dopamine decor can be interpreted as using colors, patterns, and tactile furnishings in your home as a way to make you feel happier. You might start small—with a print here and a colorful piece of furniture there—or you might opt entirely for vibrant colors like bright yellow, bold pink, and bright blue to decorate your home and inspire feelings of happiness.

As we head into 2023, home lovers crave a dose of frivolity to up the fun factor and provide an escape from the uncertainty of the outside world. This trend is all about giving your rooms a boost with bold colors, interesting artwork, dreamy wallpaper, and mood-lifting accents.

Photo by Swoon Editions

Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

This style was inevitable for interior design and was influenced by the increasing popularity of small spaces for self-care in the home.

The bathroom is arguably the most ritualistic space in the home, and we have seen an increasing demand for spa-inspired spaces that can also serve as a private sanctuary. Bathrooms are inherently clinical spaces, so we like to balance this with materiality, using warmer textures and fabrics for a luxurious feel. Outdoor fabrics work especially well as a pretty patterned shower curtain or upholstery for a chaise longue, and trendy blinds or artwork add a soft touch to the space.

A Cocooning Palette

For neutral lovers, bring in beige, brown, and cream. Cool neutrals are being replaced with timeless hues that feel like they have been around for decades. The trend is moving away from the harsh grays that were so popular in the last decade and toward ones that feel friendlier and warmer.

People want their homes to feel like havens of peace, especially in the bedroom and living room, both of which are designed for relaxing and have plush, soft furnishings. In practice, this means lots of warm, neutral colors that reflect a desire for calm and optimism, wrapping the rooms in warmth and well-being.


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