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Happiness in Hues: Embracing Willow Murphy's Artistic Vision

At Rose Design, we passionately believe in the profound effect art has on spaces, making them truly memorable. Art is not just a decorative element, but a means of self-expression that reflects our client's personality, style, and values.

Incorporating art into our design projects is essential because it adds depth, character, and an emotional connection that resonates with the viewer. We believe the right artwork can turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary one, and we are always on the lookout for talented artists who can help us achieve that goal. That's why we are pleased to introduce Willow Murphy, a London-based contemporary artist who expertly infuses happiness and vibrancy into her diverse body of work.

Willow Murphy

Inspired by her experiences in San Francisco, London, and adventures around the globe, Willow's art is a captivating exploration of cityscapes, landscapes, and the beauty of everyday moments.

With a degree in Art History from Bristol University, Willow's journey into the world of art took a surprising turn when she spent a decade in the tech industry, making both London and San Francisco her creative playgrounds.

During her time in San Francisco, she worked with a local artist collective to create stunning street murals that left a lasting mark on the city's artistic landscape.

Willow Murphy

Willow's talent has not been unnoticed, as her artwork graced the Affordable Art Fair in 2021, and captured the hearts of art lovers. As an independent artist, she displayed her art in two solo exhibitions in London, sharing her vibrant vision with the world.

Willow Murphy

With each brushstroke, Willow brings out the essence of happiness, and we are inspired by her ability to infuse color and emotion into her art.

Willow Murphy

As we work with our clients to create spaces that reflect their unique vision, we recognize the essential role art plays in transforming interiors into places of joy and self-expression. Join us in celebrating Willow Murphy's art, where happiness and creativity intersect in a glorious dance of color and emotion.

Her captivating artwork will be available to view in person at our office this summer and fall. To schedule an appointment, please contact Angela at

Let Willow's vibrant creations inspire you to spark your imagination and harness art's transformative power in your own home interiors.

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