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Fall Aesthetic 2023: Top Interior Design Trends

No matter where you are or what the weather is like, if you're looking to transition your living space with the perfect fall aesthetic, we've got you covered. Here are our top interior design trends to help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home this season.

Transition to Colors Instead of Themes

When transitioning your interior design for fall, stay away from overly specific themes. Instead, focus on colors to create a seamless transition to the new season. By incorporating spicy, earthy, and warm tones into items like pillows, throws, and rugs, you can evoke autumn's cozy feel. By staying away from specific decor, you can ensure that your changes last throughout the season and don't look too much like a specific theme.

Earthy Palette with a Dynamic Twist

Traditional, warm fall colors are always on trend, but this year we recommend adding a modern accent. Consider introducing on-trend hues like terracotta and mid-century colors that add a fresh twist to classic fall tones. Also, different shades of green are popular for both fall and winter. To make a memorable first impression, you can add a color accent to your front door.

Fall top interior design trends

Eye-Catching Drapery

Curtains and drapes are crucial to the design of your room. They add warmth and coziness, consider swapping out your lightweight textiles for richer, heavier options. Velvet window dressings and patterned woven fabrics are great choices that add visual interest and set the mood for fall.

Luxe Upholstered Furniture

When it comes to long-term fall decor, reupholstering worn pieces in luxe fabrics can be a great solution. Fabrics like velvet, chenille, and velour can add a warm touch to your space, especially when paired with rich, warm colors. Worn leather and boucle textures are unique options that will add a touch of richness to your decor.

Fall top interior design trends

Flannel Bliss

As you transition your bedroom décor to fall, switch to bedding that provides extra warmth and comfort. Use buttery soft flannel bedding and darker linens or trendy checkerboard and plaid patterns. Layering blankets can add to the cozy transition between fall and winter.

Simple Textile Swaps

To get your home ready for fall, you don't always have to change the color scheme. Textiles can play an important role in creating a cozy environment. To achieve this, you can use large knitted or faux fur blankets. These are not only visually appealing but also provide additional warmth. You can also freshen up your space by replacing pillowcases or adding plush textures to your floors, such as a sheepskin rug.

Fall top interior design trends

Beyond Straight Lines

One trend that is making its way into the furniture world this fall is the reintroduction of organic and curved shapes. Furniture pieces with curved elements, such as round coffee tables, table lamps, and chairs with curved legs, can soften the lines of a traditionally modern design. These curves have a calming effect and add a touch of warmth to your space.

Refresh and Restyle

As the seasons change, a simple refresh can set the tone in your space and make it cozier for fall. Redesigning your coffee table or bookshelf can provide much-needed warmth and comfort. You don't have to start from scratch – just swap out a few of your favorite books or add vintage pieces to create a cozy atmosphere for the season.

Fall top interior design trends

Layered Lighting for Fall Comfort

As the days grow shorter, the right lighting becomes crucial in creating a cozy ambiance. Enter the trend of layered lighting, a perfect fit for this seasonal change. Instead of relying solely on bright overhead lights, this approach combines multiple light sources, including ambient, task, and accent lighting. Incorporating an eye-catching wall sconce can not only enhance your space functionally but also aesthetically, spreading warmth throughout the room.

Bring the spirit of fall into your living spaces with these top interior design trends. Enjoy the warmth, richness, and comfort of the season with these creative ideas. If you're ready to get started on your fall design project, our team is here to help you transform your home into a cozy and inviting place. Contact us today and let us bring the magic of fall into your home.

Pictures from the Soho Home collection.


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