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A Look at Lattice’s New Headquarters: A Real Gem

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Manifesting Brand Identity into Physical Space: A Look At Lattice’s New Office

San Francisco-based company, Lattice, is all about “people strategy.” Their vision is not only represented in the services that they offer to its clients, but their intention to make work meaningful for everyone is also the foundation for the values within their own organization.

As Lattice continues to grow in head count (and welcome team members back into the office, post-COVID), office manager Jamie Edwards said the company wanted a headquarter office refresh to, “represent Lattice, its values, and story in a physical space, and to weave that story throughout the design.”

After multiple interviews with local designers, Lattice matched with Carly at Rose Design. Carly’s specialization in color theory, textiles, and patterns were the key characteristics that gave Jamie and her team confidence that Rose Design was the perfect designer to help bring their corporate vision to life.

From art direction to the furniture finishes, Rose Design was integral in reimagining the way Lattice’s San Francisco office looks and feels.

Wayfinding Through Brand Colors and Community

When working through this redesign, Rose Design knew it was critical to create a comprehensive office-wide paint strategy to make individual areas of the space feel unique and personal, while still emphasizing the ties back to Lattice’s brand.

Rose Design and Lattice spent a substantial amount of time discussing the colors of Lattice’s existing brand guidelines. Lattice’s brand colors are bold and bright, and while Jamie and her team still wanted to maintain brand identity with its office redesign, they wanted to mute the brightness just a bit so that the office felt softer, and more inviting.

After finding the right balance of brand versus ambiance, Rose Design leveraged the softer shades of oranges, blues, and yellows, to create the foundation all the other redesign elements would build from.

The most noticeable place to see the incorporation of the more muted tones of Lattice’s brand is through the evolution of the reception area.

Carly used the new selection colors, complimented by textures, and patterns on the furniture and accents to evoke a sense of warmth and guidance throughout the office.

In the image above, you can also see the pop of Lattice Green on the back wall. This concept of color blocking, also known as community colors, was used throughout the entire office to segment one space of the office from others. In addition to color blocking, Carly also used Lattice-branded dividers, and additional decor, to improve the flow of the office, create a sense of uniqueness for each area of the office, and keep branding consistent throughout the entire space.

Designing to Spread A Message of Warmth

After the paint plan and community color strategy was in place, Carly began to weave disparate art installations throughout the space to double down on brand identity.

For example, when Carly works on a commercial redesign, she likes to add a statement piece in an extremely visible area, so that despite your location within the office, you can still see the north star that connects someone with their work’s purpose.

Lattice’s reception area has a high volume of foot traffic, which spurred, Carly’s idea to create a “We Love Humans” as a focal point in the space which connects guests and staff to the rest of the office. The mural is a way to remind each team member and guest at Lattice they are appreciated, each and every day.

Weaving Values into Design

Another strategy Carly implemented for brand design was the concept of ‘Values Lounges’ as a way to manifest Lattice’s mission statement into physical presence throughout the entire office.

Values Lounges to Visualize People Strategy

The purpose of the ‘Value Lounges’ is to create a space where humans can come together to discuss Lattice’s values in real life. For example, when a team lead brings in a recruit and gives an office tour, a value’s lounge is a great place to relax and talk about the company. Or, if current employee’s want a space to share and collaborate ideas for company growth, value’s lounges provide a great energy for that.

Rose Design helped create a total of four values lounges to match each of Lattice’s core philosophies:

The values lounge photographed below, ‘Chop Wood, Carry Water” is meant to represent Lattice’s value that, “The best work is done when we fall in love with the process of becoming great, rather than obsessing over the end result. We recognize that greatness is exhausting, unglamorous, and occurs as the byproduct of faithfulness to our process and passion for our craft. So we work to surrender the outcome and keep persisting after everyone else has gone home and nobody is watching.”

After considering the sentiment of each value, and how they could be connected to the branding aspects involved in Lattice’s brand guidelines, Carly art directed the colors of each room, from the paint on the walls to the frosting on the windows, and added artwork, decor, rugs, throw pillows, and more, to create beautiful spaces that ooze company values and warmth.

According to Carly Rose, these spaces are very important in office spaces because they ”act as a physical reminder to spread the message of Lattice, and make the company’s values a part of the day-to-day culture in the office.”

Upon seeing the final result, Jamie says, “The value’s lounges brings me so much joy!”

Conference Rooms Rooted in Concept

Lattice’s name is a play on the concept that gems have a lattice structure, and the company actually uses gem and stone names as part of it’s internal terminology.

Using this inherently beautiful concept of gems as a brand identity (which already influenced the colors Rose Design used throughout the office) Carly doubled down on the backstory of the name Lattice by updating each conference room to match the updated color scheme of the office, and branding each room to a unique gem.

A Shoutout to Climate Pro

To bring the conference rooms and value’s lounges to life, Rose Design worked with San Francisco-based company, Climate Pro, whose brand designer took Carly’s art direction and ultimately created and executed on the graphics that wrap each room.

Rose Design has partnered with Climate Pro on several commercial redesign projects, and always is impressed with their results. Carly was particularly impressed by Climate Pro’s ability to connected Carly’s paint recommendations with privacy frosting for the conference rooms.

As was Lattice. Jamie says, “I am very impressed with Climate Pro. [Like Rose Design] They went above and beyond. They sent several samples to make sure that the colors we selected were cohesive with the paint. They helped us redesign our files to make sure the design matched the specifications of the space. They even came back to fix a few panels that weren’t installed correctly. Overall the conference room frosting really tied the space together.“

Of the office redesign in its entirety, Jamie says, “I appreciate Carly’s willingness to make sure the project went above and beyond our expectations.”

Designing For You

Despite COVID, Rose Design was able to work with Jamie through safe, and mostly contactless communication to help facilitate the entire project.

“Working with Carly was great! She was a very clear communicator and sent over great designs. She was patient with us and open to modifications of her design.”

Rose Design offers two types of services for both residential and commercial clients, Lattice took advantage of a blend between the two offerings, a full service install with lots of remote communication:

  • Full service: With full-service design, Rose Design helps manage the entire interior design project, from design to execution, whether we’re working with one room, a full house, or an entire commercial property.

  • Virtual Design For those who would prefer to interact digitally, or who want a tailored, holistic design and installation plan that you can execute at will, Rose Design’s out-of-the-box service is a great fit. And, out-of-the-box services, means that even those who are not physically located near Rose Design, can take advantage of great services, regardless of borders.

Are you looking to update your corporate offices or residential space? Schedule a call with Rose Design today to see how Carly and her team can help you bring your visions to life through strategic design.


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