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The Madrigal

When the Madrigal took occupancy in a space with hard surfaces and harsh angles, they immediately knew they wanted to soften the atheistic to something more welcoming and comfortable for patrons. 


To achieve this vision, Rose Design collaborated with the team at Madrigal to first develop a color palette rich with greens and teals to offset the existing harshness of the space and evoke a feeling of refreshment and ease. 


Rose Design then helped curate furniture and art pieces that offered a more round, welcoming shape, while still elevating the space in a fun, eclectic, and creative way. After curating custom booths, art by Esteban Schimpf and Ray Beldner, and custom walnut bar, Rose Design helped install a terrazzo floor, as one of many unexpected design moments throughout the space.   


These unexpected design moments help keep the experience at the Madrigal exciting, with every visit uncovering another subtle detail. For example, while the space itself isn’t authentically Victorian, Rose Design added trim to many elements within the space to pay homage to San Francisco’s classic architecture. You’ll also notice a 14-foot tree near the bar which is riddled with design easter eggs, like the fact it’s actually composed of 20 different plants.


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