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Luxe, Sustainable, Comfort

The priority of Unusual Venture’s space redesign was to show longevity, and sustainability as a nod to the company’s rapid growth, and readiness to take roots in the beautiful North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. 


To bring their success and vision to the forefront, Rose Design played with luxe, artisan finishes and natural materials, such as a custom walnut slab table, and a two-story high bookshelf designed with custom walnut wood paneling. 


The 14ft tall bookshelf spanning two levels acts as the centerpiece of the office space, and symbolizes its sustainability. The piece is built directly into the space starting at the first floor, and towers into the second floor, with each wrung filled with books dedicated to education, professional development, and successful partnerships, to enrich and inform visitors and employees alike. The holistic design details are tied together with classic furniture selections, like Eames chairs, and accented by soft gray wallpapers textured from linen to represent comfort and ease while working with the team at Unusual Ventures.


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