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San Mateo Home

"Designing for a dynamic tech-savvy couple, our mission was clear: a modern, clean haven that celebrates their unique style." - Carly Rose

At San Mateo Home, every corner of the house has been carefully redesigned to reflect the essence of modern living. When our clients purchased the residence, they were dissatisfied with its outdated and traditional design. They wanted a fresh start and were looking for an oasis that suited their tech-savvy lifestyle and contemporary needs. The result is a space where every surface exudes the elegance of smooth textures and clean lines, creating a calm and uncluttered environment.


San Mateo Home's kitchen harmoniously combines modern design and cozy comfort with a blue color palette, complemented by quality lighting and a clean aesthetic that reflects their preference for modern comfort and sophistication. Throughout the house, we chose to replace the original textured walls with a smooth texture, and removing the window frames added a clean and contemporary ambiance.


The original design of the master bathroom didn't meet the couple's needs, which inspired us to create a retreat through a careful selection of materials. The delicate interplay of selected textures creates a balance between modernity and serenity, resulting in a space dedicated exclusively to relaxation and rejuvenation.


This project also features a guest room, a gym, and an office. In addition to the remodel and furnishings, we incorporated select artwork, a living plant wall, and a tranquil patio garden into the space.


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